Reduce your baby's irritability and upsets
Caring for your baby is a demanding job, but it can be a lot easier. Discover how you can:
  • reduce crying
  • increase calm 
  • help your baby feel relaxed, peaceful and secure

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I'm an infant/toddler expert, author of "Baby Knows Best: Raising a Confident and Resourceful Child, the RIE® Way," and former Executive Director of RIE® (Resources for Infant Educarers). I have taught thousands of parents all over the world how to find greater ease and joy in parenting, and I can teach you too. 
What my students have to say...
Deborah invites us to imagine what it's like to be a child - a whole person with an innate drive to grow, explore and learn. She is uplifting, and I found that this feeling spilled over into my home with my son and with my husband. I am a happier, braver, more trusting, and more confident mother. It changed me forever and I will be eternally grateful to Deborah for bringing RIE to my family.
Gabriela B., Florida

Studying with Deborah has had a huge impact on my life, made our home life and communication much less stressful, and equipped us with tools, knowledge, and the ability to set realistic expectations. Above all, it has shown me a new way to view parenting. It was truly life-changing and has brought so much joy and perhaps most importantly, confidence to me as a parent.

Inga T., Reykjavík, Iceland

It’s amazing how I feel more confident, more peaceful and more hopeful. I got a real paradigm shift, a real mindset shift, a real change of vision of what respectful parenting could be. I know what it sounds like, what it feels like, what it looks like and I have a clearer understanding of what it can be. I truly owe it to Deborah to parent in this way. Studying with Deborah transformed my relationship with my child.   

Brittany L., New York, New York

What I learned from Deborah profoundly impacted my parenting and it went far beyond all my expectationsI gained an immeasurable amount learning from Deborah's vast breadth of knowledge, immense experience, and thoughtful insights.  

Ilanit G., Tel Aviv, Israel

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